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🔗Grants Systems Manager

  • Full Time
  • Denver, CO
  • $63,957.00 - $66,000.00 USD / Year
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  • Department: State Historical Fund
  • Job Summary: The Grants Systems Manager at the State Historical Fund, primary objective is to drive impactful outcomes through strategic management of grant systems, impact measurement, and data analysis functions.
  • Job Qualifications:

    Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
    • Grantmaking/Grants management experience.
    • High-level proficiency in Grants Management Systems (GMS), including experience with Blackbaud and Salesforce.
    • Strong organizational and project management skills, emphasizing outcomes in a dynamic work environment.
    • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills, supporting outcomes-driven collaboration.
    • Demonstrated ability to adapt and meet deadlines in a results-focused and impact-oriented setting.

    Preferred Qualifications: 

    • Master’s degree in history or preservation
    • Preservation funding experience is a plus.
    • Knowledge of GIS or Argus is a plus.
    • Data collection and management experience.
    • Experience applying an equity and inclusion lens to grant processes.
    • Knowledge of the statewide preservation community and nonprofit landscape.
    • Implementation of a new Grants Management System.
    • Track record of enhancing technologies and streamlining processes.
    • Knowledge of basic accounting principles.
    • Ability to analyze and evaluate grant projects according to The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation.
    • Understanding of legislative funding and IRS regulations.
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Website History Colorado

The State Historical Fund is part of History Colorado. The fund annually awards grants funded by limited stakes gaming in the towns of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek for significant buildings, structures, objects, districts, or archaeology sites, or about preservation of historic resources in Colorado.


I. Grants and Reviewer Management (40%)

Grants Management Functions:

  • General grants cycle management from end to end to ensure impactful outcomes for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Respond to reporting requests from stakeholders, including the legislature and/or the Board, with a focus on delivering meaningful insights.
  • In collaboration with cross-functional teams, streamline grantmaking workflow processes, applications/forms, templates, guidelines reports, and data for enhanced efficiency.
  • Schedule and set up SHF deliberation meetings, leading to informed decision-making.
  • Lead weekly check-ins with the Grants Cycle cross-functional committee, ensuring collaborative end-to-end grant work cycle workflow.
  • Provide technology troubleshooting support for applicants and staff, contributing to a seamless application process.

Reviewer Management Functions:

  • Collaborate with the Director to identify and recruit qualified reviewers, reflecting diverse expertise and alignment.
  • Offer ongoing support, guidance, and quality control during the review process, ensuring consistency and impactful assessments.
  • Maintain transparent communication among reviewers, facilitating consensus and continuous improvement.
  • Acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of reviewers, providing formal recognition for outstanding commitment.

II. Grants System Design and Continuous Improvement (35%)

  • Act as the administrator of the cloud-based grants technology stack, emphasizing user-friendly interfaces and efficient system processes.
  • Implement protocols for real-time testing, data reconciliation, and timely and accurate database changes.
  • Design and deliver effective on-the-job training for staff, optimizing grant cycles and ensuring staff proficiency. Ensure troubleshooting is responsive and impactful for all users.
  • Collaborate with Contracts and Preservation teams to ensure accurate data and seamless system adoption.
  • Stay informed of technological trends, implementing best practices to enhance grant systems.

III. Impact Measurement and Data Analysis (15%)

  • Develop and implement impact measurement strategies that go beyond metrics to capture enduring community engagement and project sustainability.
  • Integrate technological tools for accurate and comprehensive impact measurement, ensuring adaptability to emerging industry standards.
  • Collaborate with program staff to synthesize and visualize data for reporting purposes, contributing valuable insights for decision-making for internal and external use cases.

IV. Accounting/Budgeting (10%)

  • Provide financial technical support, ensuring administrative budget alignment with impactful outcomes.
  • Manage accounting processes using digital tools, emphasizing efficiency and remote accessibility.
  • Monitor budgets with an outcomes-oriented approach, aligning financial and processes with impactful goals.

V. Other: 

  • Demonstrated ability to think and plan with a growth mindset, to set and achieve visionary goals and objectives, and to balance with multiple priorities.
  • Ability to give and receive feedback graciously.
  • Demonstrated success in building effective relationships and networks internally or externally. to achieve results.
  • Intellectual agility and the ability to analyze, think critically, and understand emerging preservation issues and trends.
  • Ability to anticipate issues and problems in advance and propose possible solutions.
  • Belief in the power of teams and collaboration to drive creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Unquestionable ethics and personal integrity.
  • Willingness to travel and equal enthusiasm about building relationships in-person and remotely.