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🔗Grants Engagement Specialist

  • Full Time
  • Denver, CO
  • $4,333.33 - $4,500.02 USD / Month
  • Department: State Historic Fund
  • Job Qualifications:

    Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

    • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations, History, Historic Preservation, or related field or the equivalent in experience.
    • Practical understanding of grants management practices in philanthropy or nonprofits.
    • Strong customer service skills.
    • Demonstrable working knowledge and application of The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation.
    • Experience in public engagement and communications.
    • Willingness to travel throughout the state independently, with frequent overnight stays.
    • High-level hybrid work competencies, such as self-motivation, communication skills, and adaptability.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) and Google Workspace.
    • Strong organization and project management or event skills—the ability to see the big picture, manage small details, and create and maintain systems that enhance organizational efficiency.
    • Self-motivation and decisiveness, with the ability to adapt and meet competing
    • demands.
    • Demonstrated ability to meet multiple deadlines by maintaining a high level of
    • organization.
    • Ability to move quickly and nimbly from one project to another, marshal resources, and
    • manage expectations and timelines to achieve results.
    • Strong understanding of confidentiality and ability to handle sensitive information
    • appropriately.
    • Motivated to achieve new challenges and seek professional growth
    • Ability to work independently and plan and prioritize projects to meet deadlines and goals.
    • Ability to be creative and flexible and work well in a team environment.
    • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
    • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    • Cultural Competence – Knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Master’s degree in historic preservation.
    • Preservation funding experience is a plus.
    • Two years of professional experience in reviewing and monitoring grants, or auditing, data analysis, and database tracking.
    • Knowledge of GIS or Argus is a plus.
    • Data collection and management experience.
    • Experience applying an equity and inclusion lens to grant processes.
    • Knowledge of the statewide preservation community and nonprofit landscape.

    To excel in the role of an Engagement Specialist, individuals should demonstrate proficiency in cultural competence skills, encompassing effective cross-cultural communication, heightened cultural sensitivity, and adept community engagement. A trust-based philanthropy lens emphasizes the importance of building relationships, adhering to ethical considerations, and empowering communities, with a focus on recognizing historical context, appreciating the intersectionality of cultural identities, and valuing local knowledge. Additionally, possessing advocacy skills, engaging in self-reflection on biases, and displaying adaptability are vital for the successful and respectful management of grant systems.

    A successful Engagement Specialist will possess the following temperament and character traits:

    • Proven ability to work independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment, demonstrating creativity, innovation, and excellence and taking initiative when appropriate.
    • Solid interpersonal and communication skills (written, verbal, and presentation); ability to build relationships with multiple stakeholders—optimistic, thoughtful, curious, and personable.
    • Strong work ethic, commitment to high standards of excellence, and an enthusiastic approach to work.
    • Highly collaborative, team-oriented, and communicative.
    • High energy, intensely curious, action-oriented, and tenacious
    • Detail-oriented, highly organized, and self-motivated
    • Inherent curiosity, flexibility, and dedication to learning.
    • Sound judgment, integrity, humility, and respect for confidentiality.
    • Servant leadership approach toward working with internal and external stakeholders.
    • Inspired by the mission of History Colorado, the grounding virtue and its service to the people and communities of Colorado
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History Colorado

The Engagement Specialist at the State Historical Fund plays a crucial role in promoting and preserving Colorado’s rich historical heritage. The primary purpose is to actively engage with diverse communities, potential applicants, and stakeholders, fostering awareness and participation in historic preservation initiatives. Through effective communication, collaboration, and grant administration, the Engagement Specialist ensures the successful implementation of grantmaking processes, leading to the selection of impactful projects and the inclusive representation of historically marginalized voices in the preservation efforts across the state.


  • Serving as the primary point of contact for communities in the western half of the state and traveling to the Western Slope for engagement meetings.
  • Information dissemination at State Historical Fund/History Colorado organized and invited events.
  • Conducting community engagement by providing clear and accessible information about available grants, incentives, and educational opportunities. Ensuring that communities are informed about the resources and support SHF offers Building partnerships with local organizations, cultural groups, and community leaders is a key aspect of SHF outreach. Partnerships enhance SHF’s reach and credibility within historically marginalized communities.
  • Directly engaging with community members at events and collaborating with external stakeholders, the organization shares information about preservation, archaeology projects, and initiatives, occasionally partnering with staff from Historic Tax Credits and the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation..
  • Conducting informational sessions and community engagement events to enhance community participation in historic preservation efforts.
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders, including potential applicants, preservation partners, and community members.
  • Actively connect with diverse communities, ensuring historically marginalized voices are included in the grantmaking process.
  • Providing advice, guidance, and direction to internal and external customers with information related to the State Historical Fund’s various programs and grant systems.
  • Developing community engagement presentation content and design, including the use of Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PiktoChart, Esri ArcGIS Online, Adobe Acrobat, Google, and Salesforce.
  • Developing general familiarity with and support the programs of History Colorado’s State Historic Preservation Office and able to work with local communities to access these programs. This includes the Certified Local Government Program, the National and State Register programs, the Office of the Colorado State Archaeologist, Information Management, and the Preservation Tax Credit program.
  • Helps build relationships, gather local knowledge, and ensure the communities and community-led nomination projects have access to information on how to apply for the grants and incentives at SHF.
  • Employing inclusive and equitable practices, ensuring that underrepresented groups have access to funding opportunities and that their perspectives are valued
  • Collaborating cross-functionally within the organization (i.e. History Colorado engagement team, Heritage for All fellows, MarComm) breaking down silos, and leveraging collective knowledge for effective grant objectives.
  • Fostering a culture of learning and collaboration within and outside the organization, actively sharing knowledge for continuous improvement.
  • Traveling and making presentations, which includes educating/public speaking in front of large groups and carrying, using, and the maintenance of audio/visual equipment.
  • Applications Support
    Providing technical assistance to grant applicants, addressing questions and concerns throughout the application process.
  • Maintaining knowledge of current SHF policies and application procedures, the application of The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Properties, and funding and non-profit trends
  • Providing comprehensive support to potential applicants, guiding them through the application process.
  • Successfully navigate due diligence and grant guideline requirements with potential grantees.
  • Evaluating potential grant projects, and determining if they meet the SHF guidelines for grant assistance.
  • Assisting potential applicants in developing a project budget and scope of work, broadly determining the potential physical work to be completed on a historic property.
  • Referring applicants to additional sources of funding.
  • Advising potential grant applicants using relevant SHF policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing grant application drafts before the submission deadline and providing constructive comments to the grant applicants.


  • Use of rebranding tools and materials to raise awareness about SHF’s funding and incentive programs. This may include marketing materials, social media campaigns, and community events.
  • Develop and execute diverse communication plans to amplify History Colorado’s preservation message.
  • Coordinating all communications and marketing with History Colorado Marketing and Communications teams.
  • Collecting and analyzing data for a better understanding of SHF’s impact in the state.
  • Utilizing digital tools for efficient project management, online outreach, virtual meetings, and data analysis.
  • Staying updated on emerging technologies to enhance grantmaking processes.
  • Preparing payment requests and similar documents for signatures.

Grants Management/Review

  • Staff support for the grant request process, ensuring applicants comply with grant guidelines. Ensure accurate and efficient grant administration, including documentation, reporting, and compliance.
  • Evaluating the eligibility of State Historical Fund grant applications and informing applicants about the status of their ongoing submissions.
  • Conducting fair and objective reviews of competitive and noncompetitive grant applications, ensuring alignment with program objectives. Make well-informed funding decisions based on thorough evaluations and public benefit assessments.
  • Conducting thorough research and due diligence to assess standards and public benefit for grant applications.
  • Participating in reviewing and updating SHF policies and procedures and any other program-related materials.

Event Management

  • Planning, organizing, and executing SHF outreach/engagement activities/events to promote historical preservation initiatives. This includes workshops, seminars, and community gatherings to enhance engagement and awareness. Co-manage annual Hart Awards.
  • Managing logistical aspects of events, including venue selection, catering, audio/visual equipment, and coordination of speakers or presenters.
  • Collaborating with the Marketing and Communications teams to develop promotional materials and strategies for events, utilizing social media campaigns and other marketing tools.
  • Participating in and contributing to community events, fairs, and gatherings not only as an engagement effort but also by organizing events that bring communities together for the cause of historic preservation.
  • Working with volunteers and interns.
  • Hosting training sessions and workshops, facilitating collaboration and cross-functionality within the organization.