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🔗GIS Specialist Intern (ABPP) – 600 hours

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  • NCPE Internship
  • Washington D.C., DC (Remote)
  • 17.00 USD / Hour
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  • Department: Cultural Resource GIS Facility (CRGIS)
  • Job Reference #: 4072b
  • Job Qualifications:

    A successful candidate should have an historic preservation background to work with the ABPP program, as well as an understanding of general grant management concepts. The successful candidate would also have experience in ArcPro and GeoDatabases to create the spatial data using the data model already developed under our NPS cultural resource spatial data transfer standards.

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  • Job benefits: Paid Time Off (PTO)
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Website National Park Service/NCPE Internship Program

The Cultural Resource Geographic Information Systems facility (CRGIS) is the only program within the National Park Service (NPS) dedicated to developing and fostering the use of GIS and GPS technologies in documenting, analyzing and managing cultural resources.  For over 20 years the mission of CRGIS has been to institutionalize GIS and GPS into the daily practice of cultural resource management by adapting these technologies to field surveys and inventory maintenance, as well as addressing links between cultural resource databases using locational information, all with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of cultural resource planning.

In pursuit of this goal, CRGIS is partnering with the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP), which promotes the preservation of historic battlefields associated with wars fought on American soil, to consolidate and organize their collection of spatial data related to battlefields and grants. Data created and integrated will be used by the ABPP to better manage their grant program.  CRGIS will be creating a collection of GIS data focusing on identifying areas that have received ABPP battlefield land acquisition grants.  The internship would be located jointly with CRGIS and ABPP of the NPS, focusing on creating and integrating the necessary GIS data.

The internship will result in the creation of digital spatial data and result in the creation of a GeoDatabase focused on the ABPP land acquisition grants.  This project will help ABPP staff with critical spatial data required to meet their decision-making requirements, as well as streamline regulatory requirements, reduce regulatory response times, and provide a more coordinated approach to battlefield resource management throughout the NPS.

The intern would be responsible for collecting digital tax parcel data, moving this information into a GeoDatabase, identifying missing parcel data and identifying sources to acquire missing data.  The intern would be responsible for contacting potential data sources, integrating data sources and creating of the final GeoDatabase product.

The intern would receive training in the NPS cultural resource spatial data transfer standards, as well as the ABPP Battlefield Land Acquisition Grant process, working closely with the ABPP staff, as well as CRGIS GIS specialists.