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  • Full Time
  • To be determined (Remote)
  • $70,000 - $80,000 USD / Year
  • Applications have closed
  • Job Summary: The National Preservation Partner Network is seeking a dynamic and visionary leader to serve as the Executive Director to oversee strategic and programmatic aspects of our nonprofit member-based national network.
  • Job Qualifications:

    Below are some of the typical requirements for an Executive Director. We recognize that
    skill sets can be a complex combination of experiences. Even if your background does
    not exactly match these requirements but you have a passion for our work, we would
    love to hear from you and we recognize the value of transferable skills.
    ● Proven leadership experience in a management role, preferably within a
    non-profit organization.
    ● Strong strategic thinking and planning skills, with the ability to drive
    organizational growth and impact.
    ● Demonstrated success in fundraising and willingness to embrace it as a key
    responsibility of the position.
    ● Ability to build and maintain relationships with diverse members and
    ● Excellent communication skills, including public speaking and writing.
    ● Knowledge of historic preservation stakeholders, principles, policies, and best
    ● Ability to handle technical aspects of a small organization, such as basic website
    maintenance, group email lists, virtual meetings, and database management.
    ● Demonstrated financial and operational management experience.
    ● Ability to work independently and with a volunteer board.

  • How to Apply:

    Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and salary expectations no
    later than 9:00pm on Friday, March 1st, 2024.

    You can apply here:

    Salary Range: $70,000 – $80,000
    We believe in practices that create real equity and pay parity regardless of background
    or identity and we freely discuss compensation with all qualified candidates the first
    time we interview them. Saving the salary discussion for the first conversation allows us
    to fully understand the needs of each candidate and to ensure that qualified candidates,
    even those who’ve historically been overlooked and/or underpaid, don’t self-select out of
    the processes based on salary alone, as our experience and research suggest. In
    addition to those who opt out, because they fear the salary may be out of reach for
    them, we equally don’t want to miss out on conversations with candidates who are
    slightly over the range when in some cases the total compensation including factors
    such as bonuses, flexibility, and better health benefits, etc. may exceed expectations.
    Finally, as a search firm – we are always looking for top-notch talent to introduce to our
    clients. Should the salary or any other requirement not be fit, there is often a chance that
    someone on our team is working on another position you may be a better fit for. If you
    would like to discuss your qualifications for this role as well as discuss salary and
    compensation – just give us a call, and we’d be happy to discuss!

    NPPN and kpCompanies are equal opportunity employers and all employees and
    applicants for employment are afforded equal opportunity in every area of hiring and
    employment without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religious creed, national origin,
    ancestry, sex, gender identity, age, disability, mental illness, sexual harassment, sexual
    orientation, genetics, military/veteran status, citizenship, arrest record, and any other
    legally protected characteristic.

    All submissions are received in the strictest confidence

  • Job benefits: Benefits Stipend, Employer Retirement Contribution, Paid Time Off Accrual Plan, Sick Leave, 12 Paid Holidays, Remote Work
  • Physical Demands / Work Environment: Remote position, Continental United States. The position requires limited travel.
  • Application URL:

Website National Preservation Partners Network

The National Preservation Partners Network is a membership-based nonprofit dedicated to building and strengthening the capacity of individual partner organizations and the collective historic preservation movement through training, networking, knowledge, sharing, technical assistance, and semi-annual convenings. The National Preservation Partners Network advances the growth and effectiveness of the organized preservation movement through communication, education, training, and a common advocacy agenda.


kpCompanies is leading the search for the next Executive Director for the National Preservation Partner Network. We are seeking a dynamic and visionary leader to serve as the Executive Director to oversee strategic and programmatic aspects of our nonprofit member-based national network of more than 120 historic preservation organizations. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in achieving our mission to advance the growth and effectiveness of the organized preservation movement through communication, education, training, and a common advocacy agenda.

Currently, with a staff of one, NPPN seeks a self-motivated leader to grow and support the organization, increasing its effectiveness, diversifying its membership, and building its organizational capacity.

We welcome you and thank you for considering this Executive Director position.

Executive Director

Strategic Visioning
● Develop and implement a strategic vision to grow and strengthen the National
Preservation Partners Network in collaboration with the Board of Directors and
its member organizations.
● Lead the organization in identifying and pursuing innovative and impactful
initiatives to advance historic preservation efforts nationally.
● Diversify and expand the membership to establish a robust network of historic
preservation organizations and allied professionals.

Fundraising and Development
● Develop and execute comprehensive fundraising strategies in collaboration with
committees to secure financial support from various sources, including
membership, grants, donors, and corporate sponsors.
● Cultivate and maintain relationships with diverse members, key stakeholders, and
funders to sustain and expand organizational funding.

Member Support and Engagement
● Work closely with member organizations to understand and respond to their
needs and challenges.
● Plan and execute virtual and in-person events and convenings that facilitate
networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among members.

Program Development
● Identify opportunities, new programs, and initiatives that align with the
organization’s mission and strategic goals.
● Develop and implement programs that provide support and resources to member
● Collaborate with stakeholders to design and implement programs that address
emerging challenges and opportunities in the field of historic preservation and
non-profit management.
● In collaboration with the board and committees, evaluate existing and ongoing
programs for relevance and effectiveness.

Administrative & Financial Oversight
● Provide strong leadership and guidance to the organization, including future staff
and/or contractors, to foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
● Oversee day-to-day administrative tasks of a non-profit, such as maintaining
membership records, managing communications and website, and grant
● Responsible for day-to-day oversight of bookkeeping, payroll, budgets, and
required tax filings.
● Develop, improve, and implement organizational policies and procedures in
collaboration with the board of directors and committees to ensure efficient and
effective operations.
● Collaborate with committees – i.e. Executive, Finance, Governance, Advocacy &
Education, Communications, and Membership – to develop and implement
organizational priorities, initiatives, policies, and procedures.
● Support the board of directors and committees through meeting coordination,
participation, and record keeping.