Job Listing

Sagamore Hill National historic Site

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, located in Oyster Bay, New York, is the preeminent storyteller of Theodore Roosevelt's home and family life. Operating on a year-round basis, this beautiful 83-acre site features two historic homes, multiple historic farm structures, fields and orchards, as well as a nature trail with woodlands, a salt marsh, tidal creek, and beach. Administrative, interpretative, cultural, and maintenance staff collaborate with partners and friends' groups to preserve and interpret the structures, landscape, collections, and other cultural resources associated with Theodore Roosevelt's home and ensure that future generations understand and appreciate the life and legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, his family, and the significant events associated with him at Sagamore Hill.

As a Preservationist you will:

Use of planers, table saws, jointers, radial saws, band saws, and shapers.
Maintain the full range of hand and power masonry tools i.e. skill saw, electric drill, router, chainsaw, sander, table saw, jointer, radial saw, bandsaw, planer, shaper, floor sander, and surfacing machines.
Repair, reconstruct, restore, and rehabilitate masonry structures by performing work such as stabilizing or constructing foundations, walls, chimneys, fireplace, and other building elements.
Replicate antique and highly skilled forms of craftsmanship using specialized tools.
Assist with the inspection of historic structures/sites/landscapes on site to determine physical condition and the type and amount of maintenance required to maintain in proper condition.
Read, interpret and apply building plans, specifications, blueprints, sketches, working drawings and building codes.
Compute curves, arcs, tangents, and possess advanced knowledge of carpentry and masonry skills utilizing accepted trade methods and techniques.
Use a variety of hand and power tools such as trowel, float, hammer, pick, chisel, brick saw, angle grinder, and pneumatic chisel in cutting and shaping stone and repointing, resetting, and relaying masonry.
Select appropriate stone and mortar materials to closely match historic fabric in color, texture, and composition, with ability to apply selected materials in a manner appropriate to historic character.