Job Listing
🔗Historic Preservation Internship

  • Full Time
  • Temporary
  • Thousand Island Park, NY
  • $333.00 USD / Week
  • Department: Historic Preservation
  • Job Qualifications:

    Graduate and undergraduate (Historic Preservation and/or Architectural History majors) are preferred for this position.

  • How to Apply:

    Interested candidates must submit a cover letter, resume, and a recommendation from a current professor by March 1st, 2024. Send application material electronically to:
    Merissa Gagné, Executive Assistant
    Thousand Island Park Corporation
    Subject line: Intern Program

  • Job benefits: Free room and board
  • Contact Name: Merissa Gagné, Executive Assistant
  • Application Email:

Website Thousand Island Park Corporation

Thousand Island Park began in 1875 as a Methodist Camp Meeting Association on Wellesley Island in the St. Lawrence River and later became the privately held corporation that exists today. TI Park has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982 and has recently had a re-application with updated information approved by the New York State Historic Preservation Office and the National Register. The TI Park Landmark Society (a 501c3 corporation) and the Preservation/Review Board (which is appointed by the T I Park Corporation) are both dedicated to the protection and preservation of this unique community’s close to 400 late 19th and early 20th century residences, boathouses, and public buildings. Thousand Island Park Landmark Society is the proud recipient of the 2020 New York State Historic Preservation Award.

The intern will be working in a fully immersive environment, collaborating with the community and its organizations to provide guidance and experience in the field of historic preservation and architecture. They will be attending Landmark Society meetings and Preservation/Architectural Review Board meetings, and leading presentations on historic preservation and architecture for individuals of all ages. These presentations may include exhibitions, lectures, walking tours, and other special events. The intern will assist with the Landmark Society’s archival maintenance and Preservation Board permit considerations as needed.

Additionally, the intern will be serving as a docent one day a week (from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM) in the Landmark Society building, providing information and resources on historic preservation to the public. This information could include the history and architecture of TI Park, books and documents on historic preservation, and assistance with research on individual cottages and other Park buildings. The intern will also be assisting with grant writing (as required and with supervision) and will have the opportunity to pursue self-initiated special projects, time permitting.

What you will achieve during of this internship:

– Experience in the field of preservation outside the classroom, which includes program development and implementation, public education, archival methods, research, preservation advocacy, events organization, and community outreach.

– Work with different people involved in historic preservation, such as cottage owners, residents of all ages, visitors to TI Park, preservation consultants, professionals, Landmark Society, and Preservation/Architectural Review Board supporters.

– Gain practical knowledge of the impact of new construction and rehabilitation on the local historic district.

– Acquire practical knowledge of how historic communities manage the rules and regulations related to current building standards.

The position is for six weeks from June 22nd to August 3rd, 2024.  The start and end dates can be negotiated to accommodate candidates’ academic year.  The compensation is $2,000. Hours are flexible and can vary daily, depending on the complexity and timing of the projects needing attention. Cottage owners provide room and board without cost to the intern. A Landmark Society member assists in the housing process.