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  • Full Time
  • Madison, WI, USA
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  • Department: State Historic Preservation Office
  • Salary ($): $70,720 to $81,120 annual salary
  • Job Qualifications:

    Your resume and cover letter are a required part of the application and will be reviewed as part of the assessment process. It is important to clearly identify in your cover letter and resume your training and experience in the areas indicated:

    Minimally qualified candidate will have experience in ALL of the following:

    •   Meet the minimum requirements defined in the Code of Federal Regulations, 36 CFR part 61 for qualified archaeologist:

    The minimum professional qualifications in archeology are a graduate degree in archeology,    anthropology, or closely related field plus:

    1. At least one year of full-time professional experience or equivalent specialized training in archeological research, administration, or management;

    2. At least four months of supervised field and analytic experience in general North American archeology, and

    3. Demonstrated ability to carry research to completion.

    •   Meet the requirements of a qualified archaeologist as defined in state statute

    “Qualified archaeologist” means an individual who has a graduate degree in archaeology, anthropology, or a closely related field and at least one year of full-time professional experience or equivalent specialized training in archaeological or physical anthropological research, administration, or management, at least 4 months of supervised field and analytic experience in general North American archaeology or physical anthropology and a demonstrated ability to carry research to completion.

    •   Knowledge of the pre and post-contact cultures, history, and archaeology of Wisconsin and the Upper Great Lakes and Midwest demonstrated through experience, education, and/or research

    •   Experience working within archaeological professional standards and practices, including Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archeological Documentation

    In addition to minimum qualifications, a well-qualified candidate will have experience in at least two of the following:

    •   Experience supervising and leading staff in a professional consulting, academic, or government agency environment (e.g. create work plans for staff, hire and train staff, evaluate staff performance, establishing daily goals and tasks, overseeing employment functions, managing grant work assignments, or comparable activities)

    •   Demonstrated experience in public speaking and presenting to a wide variety of audiences (i.e. from 1-500 people)

    •   Demonstrated experience of working with tribal communities and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices.

    •   Experience administering change in a leadership role (e.g. drafting and implementing policy, changing strategies, guiding and implementing new initiatives, etc.)

  • How to Apply:

    To be considered for this position applicants must complete the online process at the link provided below.


  • Application URL:

Website Wisconsin Historical Society

Under the general supervision of the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), this exempt professional position is responsible for supervising the work and employees of the archaeology unit of the State Historic Preservation Office. As supervisor of the work unit, the position provides program and employee oversight and makes recommendations regarding the work unit to the SHPO. The position also fulfills the duties of the Wisconsin State Archaeologist, as defined in Wis. Stats. § 44.47, as well as the duties defined in Wis Stats. § 157.70 and 44.48.

In addition, this position is responsible for assisting private individuals, agencies, and units of government to meet their legal responsibilities relating to archaeological and burial sites, providing education and training programs, overseeing the state’s archaeological easement program, conducting and coordinating research, and providing analysis of state and federal preservation programs and laws relating to the work of the State Historic Preservation Office and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

This position meets the Secretary of the Interior’s professional qualification standards for archaeology.

Primary focuses of this position include:

·        Supervision and Management of Archaeology Section:  Determine staffing needs of the work unit and effectively allocate resources to achieve goals and objectives.  This includes the procurement, management, and use of external contractors as necessary.  Assign activities and projects to staff and ensure that statutory deadlines and quality standards are met. Monitor grant budget and timelines.

·        Fulfill the duties enumerated in Wis. Stats. § 44.47 and 44.48, with a focus on those related to the duties of the State Archaeologist, found in §44.47(3):  Sponsor, engage in, and direct fundamental research into the archaeology of this state and encourage and coordinate archaeological research and investigation undertaken within the state.  Cooperate with other state agencies and political subdivisions which have authority in areas where archaeological sites are located, or which have the responsibility for marking sites or arranging for their being viewed by the public. Protect objects of archaeological significance discovered by field archaeology at state sites or discovered during the course of any public construction or demolition work on state sites, and encourage the protection of such objects discovered during the course of any other construction or demolition work.

·        On behalf of the Director supervise agency responsibilities enumerated in Wisconsin Stats. § 157.70:  Identify and record the state’s burial sites and maintain the catalog of sites:  Maintain the registry of persons who have an interest in a cataloged burial site or class of cataloged burial sites.  Cause a cataloged burial site to be recorded by the register of deeds of the county in which the burial site is located.

·        Provide professional analysis and reporting overviews of state and federal preservation and burial programs as they relate to the work of the State Historic Preservation Office:  Assist SHPO office and WHS Director with understanding and interpreting existing and proposed historic preservation and burial programs, laws, and statutes.  Prepare reports and overviews of the work of the section as needed for annual HPF reporting, legislative updates, Board of Curators reports, and other similar requests.

·        Identify and review the eligibility of archaeological resources:  Provide an opinion on the State Register and National Register eligibility of archaeological sites.  As necessary, serve as a subject matter resource to the Burial Evaluation Committee and the Resource Evaluation Committee.

·        Development, coordination, and provision of training opportunities and workshops in the management, preservation, and stewardship of Wisconsin’s cultural heritage.

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